• 2016-2017


    Dear Parents/Guardians:

                    There are times when weather conditions or emergencies dictate that the schools close to insure the safety of our children.  The following is an outline of our procedures.  Please keep this letter available for reference and remember to prepare an emergency plan with your child.


    SCHOOL CANCELLED: When school is cancelled for the day because of inclement weather or emergency conditions:

    1. You may use our district web-site, tfs.k12.nj.us, where the emergency closing message will be posted.

    2.  Honeywell Instant Alert System.  If you haven’t already signed-up, or if you need to update your information, log on to https://instantalert.honeywell.com 

    3.  You may call the main district phone line or one of the school buildings for an emergency announcement, beginning at approximately 5:30 am.  Please DO NOT CALL THE Police Department.

    District (732)460-2400
    Atchison School (732)542-2500   
    Swimming River (732)460-2416       
    Tinton Falls Middle (732)542-0775

    4.  A "SCHOOLS CLOSED" announcement will be given between 5:30 AM  and 7:00 AM on the following radio/tv/internet stations:





    101.5 FM




    DELAYED OPENING:  When the forecast indicates improving weather conditions, a two-hour delayed opening may be in effect.  The delayed opening schedule will always be two hours later than the regular school schedule.  Your child’s bus pickup time will be two hours later than on a normal day.  The two-hour delayed opening will be announced on the previously listed radio/tv stations and recordings.

                    DELAYED OPENING

                    M.F. Atchison School                                           10:30 AM opening - regular lunch periods and dismissal

                                                                                                 AM PREP will be canceled, PM PREP will begin at 12:30 PM                                                                                                                                                                           

                    Swimming River School                                      10:30 AM opening - regular lunch periods and dismissal 

                    Tinton Falls Middle School                                  9:30 AM opening - regular lunch periods and dismissal

    EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING:  It may be necessary to close schools early and send students home if a severe storm or emergency develops during the school day.  Again, a school emergency closing announcement will be made on the above listed radio/tv stations as well as the main district phone line. Bus dismissal will be adjusted accordingly.  Also, parents may come to school to take their children home.  In the event of an early emergency closing:             

    M.F. Atchison School        

                    Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm with busing

                    PM PREP is canceled


    Swimming River School

                    Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm with busing


    Tinton Falls Middle School

                    Early Dismissal at 11:50 am with busing

    ALL PM events for that day will be cancelled.

                    In the event of an emergency early closing, TIME+ will be cancelled and the children will be sent home on their regular bus.  Notify the main office if you do not want your child to go on the bus and that you will be picking him/her up.

                    Thank you for your cooperation in making arrangements for your children and ensuring they know what to do in an emergency closing situation.



                                                                                                                    John P. Russo

                                                                                                                    Superintendent of Schools