• 2015-2016 Board of Education Committee Goals
    Facilities Committee Goals
    1.   Explore possibility of electronic sign at TFMS
    2.   Address field conditions behind TFMS
    2.   Consider playground and basketball court upgrades at SRS (potentially using PTA & Education Foundation fund raising)
    Technology Committee Goals 
    1,   Implement Microsoft 365 districtwide
    2.   Investigate setting up direct email link to teachers in Parent Portal
    3.   Explore on-line application process for job applicants
    Curriculum Committee Goals
    1.   Continue to develop 21st Century Learning throughout the district
    2.   Utilize our technology staff including IT, Technology and Media Center Specialists as resources for all district staff
    3.   Identify where Personal Financial Literacy is in the curricula and explore ways to incorporate this into other areas
    4.   Evaluate the first year of PARCC assessment data in order to establish a baseline so that a plan can be developed leading to                improvement year over year
    Policy Committee Goals
    1.    Review and evaluate select policies
    2.   Explore how to offer all relevant policies electronically for all to access
    Personnel & Negotiations Committee Goals
    1.   Complete a 4 year contract for teachers, paraprofessionals and secretaries
    2.   Present to the Board of Education and the public information about the Danielson Teacher Evaluation model 
    Finance Committee Goals
    1.   Pursue more funding through partnerships with local businesses such as CommVault and other private funding
    2.   Continue to monitor the impact of new building projects in the town to our school district
    3.   Create a budget that stays within 2% cap and doesn't eliminate programs
    4.   Continue to fund capital reserve and maintenance reserve funds to make sure schools are kept in excellent condition 
    Public Engagement Goals
    1.   Continue to involve the public in Earle issue
    2.   Improve ways to advertise board meetings in order to engage the public about what is taking place in the schools 
    3.   Invite guest speakers and/or offer quarterly forums at BOE meetings that are of interest to parents
    4.   Advertise board meetings on the sign boards; notify public of upcoming BOE meetings via email and/or social media such as    Twitter
     Transportation Committee Goals
    1.    Monitor efficiency of routes